G648 granite

Granite Name:


Main color:

Pink , brown





Maximum size:

280 x 180 cm


Flooring tiles , outdoor paving, stairs , window sills ,countertops

Other name: golden brown, Zhangpu red, Deer brown

G648 Granite Physical Data

Compressive strength(MPa):132
Flexural strength(MPa):13.2
Absorption by weight:0.30%
Moefficient of hardness(HSD):96

G648 Granite

G648 granite products

G648 Granite is suitable for interior and exterior applications .

Following are popular G648 granite products ,

G648 granite tiles for floor and wall construction project. As our experience in supplyling products for contractors , flamed G648 granite tiles are very suitable for external wall.

G648 paving , kerbstone for outdoor pavement and garden.

Granite countertops and worktops for kitchen and bathroom .

Granite slabs for Stair treads , steps , risers, Wall skirting , boder line


G648 Quarry and factory

g648 Granite wall

G648 granite Ind. Co.Ltd is quarry owner of g648 granite and manufacturer which is specialize in various G648 granite products. Because the factory is very near to the quarry ,it help save cost of rough blocks transfer.

Advantage for supplying G648 granite

Because G648 granite Ind. Co. is the quarry owner, for same quality G648 , the material price is the best .

Less freight cost of block shipment from quarry to factory , because very shor distance from G648 granite quarry to factory .

Advantage facilities for cutting and edge treatment with high output .

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